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Company Overview

Description:Company Overview
Description:Company Overview

  Established in 2014, Changshu Wanlong Machinery Co., Ltd. manufactures non-manufactured fabrics, air-laid machines, high-speed needle-punching machines, gripper-laying machines, and high-precision dry-process non-manufacturing pre-processing combines. And jointly developed non-manufactured fabric products with Donghua University, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Wuhan Textile University, Xi'an Textile Institute, and Suzhou University.

  Main business:

  The company's business scope: design, production, processing, sales of non-woven mechanical equipment and accessories, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber, mold; precision machinery design, manufacturing. At present, the company's main products of non-woven fabrics are: synthetic leather base fabric and high-density needle-punched gift cloth, needle-punched fleece for automobile decoration, high-density needle-punched shoe material, fleece cloth, needle-punched geotextile, non-adhesive cotton and sprayed cotton. Six series of products, carbon fiber needles and so on. The main products of the company's non-woven machinery equipment are: opening machine, carding machine, laying machine, needle punching machine, hot rolling mill, cylindrical setting machine, spray cotton oven, tenter setting oven, water needle machine, carbon fiber needle Spurs and other series.

  recent goals:

  In the macro environment where the overall situation of the domestic textile industry is not optimistic, the non-woven industry is still in a stable and stable development stage, and the favorable policies introduced at the national level have accelerated the development of the nonwovens industry. The market development prospects of equipment are very broad. The company is engaged in the advantages of non-woven machinery technology and brand advantages, and is committed to the development of new materials and non-woven industry.

  1. Development of ultra-thin glass fiber airlaid production line

  Project Overview: The air-laid technology is different from the traditional process route represented by carding machine and cross-lapper. It has the advantages of high speed and high efficiency. The technology has developed rapidly in the 1990s, and the domestic air-laid technology and The equipment research and development is relatively backward, and there are defects such as poor product performance and low production capacity, which has caused the slow promotion of air-laid technology in China. At present, the development of special fiber technology is rapid, the high-brittle high-silicon fiber (such as glass fiber, ceramic fiber) and the higher-hardness fiber (metal fiber, etc.) are more and more widely used, and the air-laid processing technology can solve the traditional combing process. After laying the net, after acupuncture, the problem of broken wool nets. The demand and development prospects of air-laid production lines for special fibers are very broad. Changshu Wanlong Machinery Co., Ltd. plans to develop an ultra-thin glass fiber airlaid production line for the production of insulation inside the refrigerator and the thermal insulation material for the vapor deposition furnace in the solar cell production process. This technology fills the domestic gap.

  Key technologies for research and development: a. The density of glass fiber is 2.2-2.6g/cm3, which is about twice that of ordinary fiber (cotton, polyester). It must be solved to distribute and transport glass fiber evenly in the airflow to meet the minimum weight of single mesh. 60g per square meter of ultra-thin fiberglass finished product demand; b, reasonable selection of the front equipment and structural form, to improve the uniformity of feeding fiber, the carding machine adopts the combing type, the fiber single fiber rate reaches 90%, eliminates the fiber The group c, optional single fiber transport fluid, study the transport air flow parameters to ensure a sufficient balance of space air pressure and air flow speed.

  2. Development of carbon fiber brake pad acupuncture prefabricated parts production line

  Project Overview: With the rapid development of the national economy, the speed of railway transportation is gradually put on the agenda, and the rapid development of high-speed trains is planned to increase to 400 kilometers per hour, control accuracy of train brakes, brake pad loss, etc. In terms of new requirements, the powder metallurgy brake discs that are currently used will not be able to adapt and face the requirement of replacing them with carbon fiber brake pads of the same type as aircraft brake pads. The prefabricated parts prepared by the needle punching method effectively solve the brittleness problem of the carbon fiber, and the carbon fiber staple fiber and the filament woven fabric are subjected to acupuncture to achieve a certain entanglement effect, and then the hydrocarbon pyrolysis is carried out by the chemical vapor phase infiltration method. /Deposition of the coating process, and subsequent processing of graphitization / machining / carbonization, and finally made a dense carbon-carbon composite brake disc, providing a qualified substrate, and obtained the core material of the carbon fiber brake disc. Although carbon fiber is now more and more widely used in various fields, it is also due to its excellent strength and fineness, which brings many equipment and process problems to its processing. The company will study the short-cut carbon fiber carding (air-laid) process and equipment, develop and improve key technologies and equipment such as carbon fiber special needle punching machine / laying machine, and develop a complete set of carbon fiber brake disc acupuncture prefabricated parts. Fill the domestic gap.

  Key technologies for research and development: a. Pretreatment of chopped carbon fibers, ready for opening and carding before needle punching; b. Composite lamination of web and woven fabric layer according to airlaid and carded web form Redesign and research on the structure and operation principle of the paving machine; c. Design a needle punching machine suitable for brittle carbon fiber to solve the problem of repeated needle punching and easy fiber breakage in the conventional needle punching machine, on the needle type, stripping plate and other parts According to the characteristics of carbon fiber, it is designed and developed.

  3. High-efficiency, high-yield, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving airlaid production line

  Project Overview: Relying on the new aerodynamic method, the waste-spun fiber airflow is felt, which can replace the traditional mechanical production process represented by carding machine and cross-lapper. The production line is equipped with a full-process pressure control device to achieve uniformity of the fiber web layer throughout the length and width directions, with a maximum density difference of less than 3% and a production line capacity of more than 800 kg/hr. The company will research the waste fiber through the air-laid process and equipment, the network output and other key technologies and equipment, and develop a complete set of production lines.

  Key technologies for research and development: a. Research on aerodynamic air-laid technology; b. Air-laid waste hair

  Network uniformity control technology.

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