Characteristics and uses of non-woven fabrics

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2022-10-08 11:16

Agriculture: harvest cloth, greenhouses cloth.
Industry: FLOPPY disc lining, horn cloth, filter material, sound insulation felt, sealing ring lining, cable cloth, FRP reinforced towel, industrial cloth, shockproof liner, insulation material, tape base lining, pipe base lining, ventilation pipe, sand cloth.
Packaging: composite cement bag, case and bag interlining, packaging base lining, bedding, storage bag, mobile jacquard case and bag cloth.
Clothing shoes: clothing lining, flocs, toe hard lining, heel lining, underwear, artificial deerskin, synthetic leather, warm shoe lining, cloth shoe lining.
Automobile industry: waste spinning isolation felt, shock felt, canopy, cushion lining, carpet, door lining, automobile filter element, molding cushion.
Household CLOTHING: sofa cloth, carpet, wall cloth, mirror cloth, tea bag, vacuum cleaner filter bag, shopping bag, printed bed sheet, party cover, cushion, sleeping bag, dry cleaning cloth, clean cloth, curtain, table cloth, lampshade.
Civil engineering, construction: reinforcement, reinforcement, filtration, oilfelt bottom cloth, drainage board, roof waterproof materials, railway, highway, berm, water slope, port sound insulation, sewer, heat protection, separation, drainage.
Other uses: launch vehicle, missile head heat-proof cone, tail nozzle throat liner, advanced printing paper, Space shuttle heat-resistant tile, map cloth, calendar cloth, artificial cloth, oil painting cloth.
What are the characteristics of non-woven fabrics
1. Light to polypropylene resin as the main production raw materials, specific gravity only 0.9, only three fifths of cotton, with fluffy, feel good.
2. Soft by fine fiber composition (2-3D) light point shape hot melt bonding molding. The finished product is soft and comfortable.
3. Water transfer, air permeability polypropylene slice does not absorb water, water content is zero, the finished product is good water transfer, composed of 100% fiber with porosity, good air permeability, easy to keep the cloth dry, easy to wash.
4. Non-toxic and non-irritating products are made of FDA food-grade raw materials, without other chemical components, stable performance, non-toxic, no odor, and no skin irritation.
5. Antimicrobial, chemical resistance polypropylene is a chemical blunt substance, not moth moth, and can isolate the presence of bacteria and insect erosion in the liquid; Antibacterial, alkali corrosion, finished products do not affect the strength due to erosion.