Non-woven wallpaper is environmentally friendly and fashionable

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2022-10-08 11:16

To meet the needs of the market, a new type of "non-woven wallpaper" has been developed by enterprises in Japan, which can prevent "new residence syndrome". This wallpaper is made OF substrate paper and good breathable performance of the textile clamp non-woven fabric, and the clamped non-woven fabric contains some special ingredients, can absorb the harmful chemical composition in indoor air, textile pests and diseases, and has the excellent function of mildew, deodorization.

Non-woven fabric -- Environmental protection "pronoun"

Non-woven, English name is "NonWoven", is a new type of environmental protection material. It is called "nonwoven" because it consists of oriented or random fibers. Breathable, moisture-proof, light, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-stimulating, flexible, recyclable, rich color, is the eight advantages of non-woven fabrics.

In many people have noticed a phenomenon is: people's awareness of environmental protection is enhanced, plastic bags in the supermarket also began to charge, non-woven bags began to be popular. Due to the strong promotion of the government, many companies based on the concept of environmental protection is also the need for publicity, printed a large number of non-woven bags with the company's LOGO. These bags are beautiful, fashionable and generous, and non-woven fabrics have become the "star of environmental protection".

Now, non-woven cloth will extend its tentacles to wallpaper field.

The Most popular "Green Wallpaper"

At present, the wallpaper varieties on the market are numerous and emerge in endlessly, such as natural material wallpaper, plastic wallpaper, metal wallpaper, pure paper wallpaper and so on. Recently, WALLPAPER OF A KIND OF NEW-STYLE QUALITATIVE MATERIAL -- NON-WOVEN CLOTH WALLPAPER BEGINS "SURFACE OF WATER", BECOME THE MOST POPULAR NEW-STYLE GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION WALLPAPER ON THE INTERNATIONAL AT PRESENT.

"Many of the wallpapers are very nice and colourful. But once used or dirty, it is very troublesome to replace, a large area of work, also have to peel the original wallpaper wall, will cause a lot of damage to the wall. If you peel it off and re-wallpaper it, you're going to have to do a lot of work on it, which is a lot of work, money and manpower." Many wallpaper lovers find.

However, COMPARED WITH OTHER wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper has a natural advantage in the aspect of cleaning sex however -- replace simply, clear won't cause any damage to metope. And for wall decoration, non-woven wallpaper has a great advantage, that is, it can be "self-cleaning", not easy to dirty and easy to scrub.

"This is a must-have wallpaper for 'green decoration'. It does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene or chlorine, so it will only produce carbon dioxide and water when it burns. There is no strong black smoke or pungent smell when burning chemical elements, and it has great decorative and artistic effect." Industry insiders said.

It is reported, with cotton and hemp as the main material of non-woven wallpaper, its production process is some short fibers or filaments for orientation or random support, so that the structure of the fiber network, and then reinforced by mechanical, hot adhesive method.

"There are two kinds of non-woven wallpaper." According to experts, one is "whole body non-woven wallpaper", this variety has the advantages of stable size, stable expansion rate, there will be no deformation at the seams, suitable for large area shop paste, looks integrated, there is no defect. And feel soft, with velvet texture. The other is pure paper surface and non-woven fabric base combined wallpaper, it will be non-woven fabric stability and wallpaper beautiful together, reflected in the color pattern, appears more rich, easy to replace, to a large extent can be consumer personalized decoration needs.