Polyester filament spunbonded hot - rolled non - woven fabric main use

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2022-10-08 11:15

1, drainage plate: can be used to make soft foundation treatment drainage plate filter film, with high permeability, tensile and compressive strength, strong soil isolation performance and other characteristics.

2, covering cloth: can be used for housing covering cloth, pad material, with breathable, moisture-proof, long service life and energy saving advantages, can play the role of wind, pry, mildew, heat preservation, for you to create a drier, healthy, environmental protection of living space.

3, filter material: can be used for gas, liquid filter material, because the fiber fineness up to 0.75d, can get more uniform fiber distribution, better filtration effect.

4, cable cloth: can be used for cable coating material, with high temperature resistance, long life, aging resistance and other advantages, has become the world's cable industry conventional coating material.

5, waterproof coil: can be used to make SBS, APP and other advanced waterproof coil base tire, with high tensile strength, good elongation performance, excellent thermal stability, piercing ability, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics.

6, agriculture and horticulture: can be processed into vegetables, fruits harvest cloth, seedling cloth, soil insulation cloth, greenhouse curtain, fruit bagging, with breathable, good moisture permeability, light transmittance moderate characteristics, can promote crop growth, early maturity, can effectively prevent insect infestation. In addition, the manufactured products are resistant to aging and can be used repeatedly to reduce the cost.

7, packaging materials: with the characteristics of vertical and horizontal strength, can be used for composite cement bags, boxes and bags, all kinds of packaging base materials, etc.

8, car interior: green environmental protection and no pollution, widely used in the production of car tufted carpet and other interior decoration, make the car interior decoration more beautiful and comfortable.

9. Medical and hygiene products: disposable masks, hats, operating clothes, shoe covers, protective clothing, pillowcases, bed sheets, quilt covers, etc.